Fall 2014

We have had a very busy summer at Casa del Rio Riverhouse, and have met many wonderful people.  All have enjoyed the tranquility, the summer breeze off the river, the canoe trips to the Falls, and seeing the white tail and Axis deer roaming the hills.

A great improvement to the property is an 8 foot privacy fence along the north side of the property, giving seclusion to the patio area.

There are guests coming in the fall to enjoy the cooler weather, changing of the leaves, and having outdoor fires in the firepit, and indoor fires in the fireplace.

The squirrels are busy burying nuts for the winter, and other animals are securing warm places to live.  There is activity in the natural world.

Enjoying life here is a great experience, and one to remember.


Fall Leaves

I am sitting in my sun room at Casa Del Rio, looking out at the beautiful fall leaves.  The cypress trees are wrapped in a georgeous rust color, the maples are orange, and the pecan trees sunny yellow.  What a fabulous sight.  The sun shinning through makes it seem like a fairy land. We took some photos to give you an idea of what we’re seeing although they just don’t compare to seeing the real thing.