Happy Thanksgiving!

Spending time with family is so precious. As I spend time with my family this wonderful Thanksgiving it seems it’s also a time for reflection. Digging through some old photo abums we’ve found some memories we’d like to share with you. These photographs are pictures of our place on the river as it appeared in the 1930’s and 40’s (click on one to enlarge and scroll through). Right away.. my grand children are shocked at how small the trees were. All they know is what they’ve seen which are the Giant Cypress that all gather along the banks of the Guadalupe today. You can see them too if you compare some of the photos on this site with the ones here or visit us. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do… My how time goes by.

As a gift we’ve attached a scan of our family turkey stuffing recipe. It’s wonderful. It’s under great controversy even as I type this but most agree (at least) that the recipe is a collaboration between myself and my Mother, Ruby Dykes, who passed some time ago. We have many fond memories of her.. My Grand children affectionately refer to her as “Munna”.

Our Thanksgiving Blessing: We are thankful and at peace as we reflect on times past. We also acknowledge the gratitude we have today for the love of each other and excitement in the joy of things to come.